Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nationals and what happens next....

What a whirlwind RWA is!  If you have never been, you need to experience it at least once.  This is especially true if you plan a career as an author.  I was how friendly and welcoming fellow authors...both small ones like myself and bigger ones were toward newbies.  It was great to actually meet the ladies who write the books I have read for years and enjoy to this day!  There were far too many workshops for hours in my day.  The ones I missed, I shall purchase the audio tapes for and listen at home when I have time.
Perhaps the most important thing about RWA, is the fact you come home exhausted but rejuvenated at the same time!  So many great ideas on social media and publicizing your work, indie publishing if that is the road you choose, craft techniques, etc. There is something for everyone and it all helps you become the writer you want to be.
Now, I have my first book online and have become addicted to watching the grafts and bars on Amazon and trying to act like I know what they all mean.  I spend a good deal of time pitching my book on blogs and websites and trying to get those sales up.  If I get a magic number, then my book will go into print edition and that is what I need and want.
In the meantime, I am back on my laptop...writing.  More stories in my head that must escape!

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